[sf-perl] [jobs] East Coast Perl shop opening an SF office

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Thu May 9 15:54:22 PDT 2013

Hello, all! We still have a couple more openings for Perlers in the new 
SF office.

Drop me a line (sfpm at vmbrasseur.com or vmb at shoeless-consulting.com) if 
you're interested in learning more.

--V, @vmbrasseur

On 04/23/2013 09:54 , VM Brasseur wrote:
> Hey there, gang! Long time no see. Gotta get myself back to an SF.pm
> meeting some time in the near future but, well...life. It happens.
> In the meantime though...
> A friend of mine has recruited me to recruit [0] for the company he
> works for. It's a mid-size, stable [1] company on the East Coast.
> While--like any software of decent age--it has elements written in
> Python, Ruby, Node.js and other languages, the primary language they use
> for their software is Perl.[2] They think it's pretty swell and, really,
> who can blame them?
> This company will be opening an office in San Francisco in the next
> couple of months and, realizing that I know a lot of great Perlers, my
> friend at the company has asked me to help them find some people to help
> build the SF team.
> Their preference is for NICE people who know and love Perl and (ideally
> but not a deal breaker) who also have some experience on the front end
> (JS). People who don't know Perl but do know some other high-level
> scripting language are also welcome.[3]
> The salary is SF-norm; the benefits are top notch; the people are smart
> and helpful; the company is laid back yet innovative; the hours are
> "have a real life" sane, not startup ridiculous.
> If you're interested--or know someone else who may be--drop me a line!
> Please reply to me directly (vmb at shoeless-consulting.com or
> sfpm at vmbrasseur.com) rather than to the list. No one needs the extra
> noise in their inbox.
> Thanks, all!
> --VM Brasseur
>    @vmbrasseur
> [0] Does that make it meta-recruiting?
> [1] ~10 years old and still growing
> [2] Modern Perl, not 5.8. HTML::Mason, Dancer, TDD, pair programming,
> that sort of thing.
> [3] The key qualities they look for are ability and humanity. They
> realize they can teach anyone Perl but they can't teach someone how not
> to be an asshole.

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