[sf-perl] Vote for Fred Moyer for White Camel Award

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Mon Mar 25 10:39:17 PDT 2013

Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer writes:
 > Hey everyone-
 > Nominations are now being accepted for the White Camel Award:
 > http://whitecamelawards.mobrater.com/list#sort_by=score
 > I suggest voting for our own Fred Moyer.  I think Fred has done a fantastic job running SF.pm.  We've had very regular and productive meetings, and the attendance is always strong. That's really hard to accomplish in a place like San Francisco where we have to compete with so many other technology meetups.  Running a PM group is no small task, and that kind of grass-roots effort is key to the future success of Perl.  I hope you'll join me and vote for Fred.
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Hear hear!

And you can vote here:



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