[sf-perl] Google Trends for Perl

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 22:31:35 PDT 2013

Quinn Weaver <quinn at pgexperts.com> wrote:
> Kevin Frost <biztos at mac.com> wrote:
>> Makes me wanna hack together a search startup, using PG of course... And Perl...
> DuckDuckGo uses both, and is rather good. It doesn't track or bubble users, and it has support for custom domains (s.g., search Perl-related things) and a Tor exit enclave.

Yes, I thought duckduckgo was pretty good when I tried it some
time back (though they'd junked up the UI with javascript a bit
much for my taste).

I've been using the local perl-based effort blekko.com almost
exclusively for some years now-- so yeah, I guess I'm not part of
The Zeitgeist according to google.

blekko's gimmick is "slash tags" to narrow the domain of the
search, so you can do stuff like "mouse /perl".

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