[sf-perl] Google Trends for Perl

Earl Ruby earl at ruby.org
Thu Mar 14 11:01:12 PDT 2013

Meanwhile, the growth in people searching for me grows as Google grows:


Some might claim that this is due to my name consisting of two common words.

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 8:55 AM,  <bobrere at jumpmark.com> wrote:
>> Still, Perl can use more positive publicity. My comments should not be
>> construed as complacency.
> agreed... it feels to me a lot of en vogue tech has really just been
> successful at creating hype and really isn't that mature or even
> fundamentally that good.  how can this happen for perl?  is it in any perl
> dependent company's interest to promote it, or does it make more sense to
> corner the market in perl jobs?  how do you promote something that's
> decidedly not new?
> -scott
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