[sf-perl] October Meeting: Git: Learning To Love The DAG For Fun And Profit

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Tue Jul 30 13:52:56 PDT 2013

Git. It's the new hotness. If you listen to the talking heads of our 
industry, git is all that and a bag of chips.

But what it also is? Difficult to learn and not particularly 
approachable. It's a very special sort of voodoo.

Jonathan "Duke" Leto, Git Witchdoctor Extraordinaire, will be joining us 
on October 22nd to give us an introduction to the arcane mysteries of 
this distributed version control system. No eye of newt or head of 
chicken is required for the love potion he'll brew. By the end of the 
evening you will love Git, too.

Jonathan "Duke" Leto is the Root Commit of PDX Git Together, the world's 
first Git user group as well as a published mathematician and scientist.

Duke is a long-time and active contributor to CPAN, Parrot VM, Perl 5 
and 6, Firefox, and even to Git itself. Duke is a member of Portland 
Perl Mongers and provides strategic Git consulting via Leto Labs LLC. 
Most recently, Duke co-founded BrewPony, a service which delivers 
freshly roasted artisan coffee to your door, within 7 days of roasting. 
He'd like to say all of this keeps him out of trouble, but … well … he 


* We only have 30 seats available. Do the right thing and only RSVP if
   you know you'll be able to attend.
* All guests must submit their first and last name for security
   reasons. You will NOT be able to attend if you do not provide this
* All guests must check in with security upon arrival.
* Please do not arrive before 6:45 pm.
* Dinner and drinks will be served (with vegan/vegetarian options).

RSVP here: 

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