[sf-perl] javadoc for perl?

Russ Tremain russt at releasetools.org
Mon Jan 14 17:46:16 PST 2013

Is it hopeless?

I used to do a fair amount of java programming, and one of the things 
I miss, when working on OO perl code, is javadoc (especially working 
on someone else's OO perl!).

I don't know why, but pod format seems very unnatural to me for 
documenting OO perl.  It reminds me more of nroff.  I prefer having 
the doc more tightly coupled with methods/packages/functions.

I've looked at some of the output from 
<http://search.cpan.org/~markov/OODoc-2.00/lib/OODoc.pod>OODoc and it 
seems to be headed in the right direction, but is not nearly as nice 
as javadoc. 
is some example output.

Thoughts?  Generate psuedo java code from OO perl and run it through 
javadoc maybe?  Probably the other way (generate perl OO from java 
class stubs with doc) would be easier, but I don't think it is 
sellable to a perl development team.

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