[sf-perl] Minutes from the 2014 Planning Meeting

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Mon Dec 30 20:45:42 PST 2013

Earlier today the four co-orgs (Fred Moyer, Joe Brenner, VMB, Jeff 
Thalhammer) met at Tu Lan for tasty Vietnamese food and tastier 2014 
planning. Here are the notes from that meeting.

Comments are VERY welcome!

What are the small things we’re not doing right?
    * No promotion, not even signs at events
       * Truth! We'll work on this, esp. for events in public venues
    * Not good at saying whether or not we have food
       * Ah! Good point! We'll make a point of declaring this up front
    * State up-front datetimes of meetings, don’t force people to follow 
a link
       * Basic usability: FAIL. We'll include datetimes up front in 
future emails & postings
    * SV.pm had recruiters at the events. Should we do this?
       * Bay Area Perl companies?
          * craigslist?
          * Shutterstock
          * CrowdTilt
          * Black Rock
          * High Paradigms
          * bpress
          * Aruba (south bay)
          * Ariba (south bay)
          * Others?
      * Do they even work with recruiters?

    * What resources do our members use/read on the internet?
       * Can post events, discussions there
       * Look to see what gaps there are in these resources & fill them 
    * Twitterverse: Who'd like to come speak at SF.pm?
       * VMB has tweeted already; more needed throughout year
    * Which CPAN modules need adoption?
       * SF.pm can adopt module(s) & have hackthons to work on them

Talk ideas

    * January
       * Adam Kennedy: Data Science
          * Date TBD, pending Adam renewing his visa
    * February
       * Joe!: Unicode
    * March
       * Brad Fitzpatrick: Go
       * Fallback: VMB on interviews & job hunts & related
    * April
       * Lightning talks!
       * Talks for Perl lovers, not necessarily about Perl
    * Other
      * Talk to Larry about presenting about Perl 6

Other ideas:

    * Adopt some CPAN modules?
       * Have hackathon to support them
    * Book club?
       * Read a Perl book; gather to discuss
    * Kickstarter to get some seed money/donations?
       * See below
       * Approach TPF?
    * Workshop
       * TODO: Contact other PM organizers about how they organize their 
         * PPW
         * Oasis Perl
         * Nordic Perl
         * LPW
         * Others?
    * Meet with SV.pm & join forces
    * YAPC CFP-fest
       * Event to help people craft CFPs for YAPC
       * Potential follow-up: How to present correctly
         * Get Josh to help here?
    * TODO: Set a co-org meeting for January
       * Specific actions on how to get to 600 (see below)
       * Specific actions for the fund (see below)

Goals & Metrics

    * At least 600 members on the Meetup group by the end of the year
       * Broaden the message
       * Perl lives! Yay, go team!
    * Try to foster discussion on SF.pm listserv
       * Need metric/benchmark for this
    * More than 12 meetings in the next year
    * Establish a fund for workshop/conferences/speakers
       * We're all for this
       * Needs more discussion to hammer out a LOT of details

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