[sf-perl] Ideas for 2014?

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Fri Dec 13 08:34:52 PST 2013

Hello, everyone!

2014 is imminent. Time to take stock of the year behind and plan for the 
year ahead.

So far SF.pm has plans for January, when Adam Kennedy returns. This time 
he'll be speaking to us about Data Science. Not only is he knowledgeable 
on the subject, he's also really excited about it, so we should be in 
for a really excellent evening.

And after that...? Plans are considerably more murky. Perhaps you could 

What would YOU like to see at SF.pm in 2014? Have you ideas for topics 
or speakers or events or formats or, well, any old thing? Bring 'em on! 
Let's see what we can make happen.


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