[sf-perl] [JOB] Stratopan.com Is Hiring!

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Wed Aug 7 16:39:43 PDT 2013

Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer writes:
 > This is your chance to be part of a project that will make a big impact in the Perl world!
 > We're looking for someone with design talent to polish the site before going into beta later this month. 
 > This is a short and sweet project with well-defined goals and deliverables. If the beta goes well, there will be an opportunity for more extensive work.  
 > You'll need some experience with Bootstrap, and good taste.  Be comfortable navigating HTML template files.
 > Go to https://alpha.stratopan.com to see what you'll be working with.
 > Contact team at stratopan.com and we'll give you the specs.
 > Looking forward to hearing from you!

Well, god (and everyone else) knows that I'm not the design talent
you're looking for....

But, I'd love to see how you've speced out the design problem for a
contractor.  It'd be educational for me.  Can you share (I'll keep it
to myself)?



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