[sf-perl] [jobs] East Coast Perl shop opening an SF office

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Tue Apr 23 09:54:59 PDT 2013

Hey there, gang! Long time no see. Gotta get myself back to an SF.pm 
meeting some time in the near future but, well...life. It happens.

In the meantime though...

A friend of mine has recruited me to recruit [0] for the company he 
works for. It's a mid-size, stable [1] company on the East Coast. 
While--like any software of decent age--it has elements written in 
Python, Ruby, Node.js and other languages, the primary language they use 
for their software is Perl.[2] They think it's pretty swell and, really, 
who can blame them?

This company will be opening an office in San Francisco in the next 
couple of months and, realizing that I know a lot of great Perlers, my 
friend at the company has asked me to help them find some people to help 
build the SF team.

Their preference is for NICE people who know and love Perl and (ideally 
but not a deal breaker) who also have some experience on the front end 
(JS). People who don't know Perl but do know some other high-level 
scripting language are also welcome.[3]

The salary is SF-norm; the benefits are top notch; the people are smart 
and helpful; the company is laid back yet innovative; the hours are 
"have a real life" sane, not startup ridiculous.

If you're interested--or know someone else who may be--drop me a line! 
Please reply to me directly (vmb at shoeless-consulting.com or 
sfpm at vmbrasseur.com) rather than to the list. No one needs the extra 
noise in their inbox.

Thanks, all!

--VM Brasseur

[0] Does that make it meta-recruiting?
[1] ~10 years old and still growing
[2] Modern Perl, not 5.8. HTML::Mason, Dancer, TDD, pair programming, 
that sort of thing.
[3] The key qualities they look for are ability and humanity. They 
realize they can teach anyone Perl but they can't teach someone how not 
to be an asshole.

shoeless consulting
good doesn't have to be formal

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