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Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer jeff at imaginative-software.com
Mon Apr 15 14:47:48 PDT 2013

The technology industry has been really good to me.  The least I can do is lend a hand to the next generation.

Please join me and cast a vote for Miguel and UrbanTxT...


And while you're at it, send a tweet about @UrbanTxT too.

Time is running out.  Do it now!


On Apr 15, 2013, at 8:56 AM, Miguel Hernandez wrote:

> Howdy folks.
> I spoke with some of y'all at SCALE this year about how I'm working on bringing more technology resources to South Central L.A. Part of that is bringing a hackerspace to a traditionally under-served area. More than that, we envision it as a community center built around technology- machines running Linux, training kids & teens how to program & exposing people of ALL ages to open source software, etc. But we need YOUR help to do it! We've made a submission to the LA2050 contest where we could win 1 of 10 grants worth $100,000 to make this vision a reality.
> Please visit the link below, create an account & vote for us. You'll receive an email asking you to confirm your vote so please do so. There's a little over 48 hours before the voting period ends.
> http://myla2050.maker.good.is/projects/urbantxt
> If you feel it a worthwhile endeavor, it'd be great if you could also share it with your social networks. If so, you can tweet @UrbanTxT & @Techivist (me) with the #Hackaneer hashtag.
> Thanks in Advance!
> --miguel
> p.s. We just had South LA's 2nd Hackathon event this past Saturday where we taught kids how to program with Scratch, continued building a community resource guide/website & a bunch of other cool things. Comment below if you'd like to see links to photos of the event, etc. :)
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