[sf-perl] Crowd Funding For Pinto

Dan Dascalescu ddascalescu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 02:39:33 PDT 2013

Just wanted to day that I'm very pleasantly surprised at the amount of
funding that a somewhat obscure (to my perception) project like Pinto got.
I used to be more active in the Perl community a few years ago, and now I
still use Perl for scripting, but much less often than Meteor (the really
cool Node.JS real-time web app framework). Anyhow, glad to see Perl is
definitely not dead.

Dan Dascalescu
CIO, *Blueseed <http://blueseed.co>*, the visa-free startup incubator

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 1:10 PM, Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer <
jeff at imaginative-software.com> wrote:

> Hey everyone-
> brian d foy has been experimenting with crowd-funding for open source
> projects, so I approached him about running a campaign for Pinto<http://metacpan.org/release/Pinto>.
>  I made a short video and we launched the campaign on Crowdtilt (which
> happens to be Perl shop).  I'd really appreciate if you could help spread
> the word!  Contributions are good too :)
> Here's the campaign: http://tinyurl.com/gopinto
>  Pinto <http://metacpan.org/release/Pinto> is a powerful application for
> creating and managing custom repositories of Perl modules. You can use any
> combination of CPAN modules and private modules. And the repository works
> seamlessly with installer clients like cpan and cpanm.
> When you build up your system from a Pinto repository, you'll get exactly
> the modules you want and the versions you want -- every time. Pinto also
> has some novel tools for helping you manage and track upgrades to your
> dependencies
> The funds from the campaign will be used to enhance Pinto to fetch
> specific versions of CPAN modules (without you having to know which
> distribution they came from). That will make is easy to build up a
> repository that contains all the modules needed for your legacy
> environment.
> Thanks,
> -Jeff
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