[sf-perl] Perl based search engine?

Peter Thoeny peter at thoeny.org
Sat Oct 20 14:44:35 PDT 2012


I am looking for a suitable Perl based search engine for TWiki. TWiki  
has internal search that is good for simple search and structured  
queries, but it does not handle search in attached files. There are  
extensions to integrate with Plucene and Kino Search, but they are  


   * Light-weight (no huge list of dependencies)
   * Pure Perl, or C/C++ with Perl front end
   * Index most common file formats (M$ Office, PDF, HTML, XML)
   * Easy to integrate (css, etc)
   * File based configuration (list of converters etc)
   * Ideally be aware of page permissions (such as index all, but  
filter search result based on user credentials)
   * Open Source

Feedback? Opinions?


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