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Just a heads up, our next meeting is tomorrow evening at 7pm. Pizza
and sodas will be served! Please RSVP by 5pm tomorrow if you are
planning to attend.


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Date: Wed, May 9, 2012 at 2:36 PM
Subject: [meeting] Poet: A Web Framework for Mason
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Our June meeting will happen on Tuesday the 22nd at 7pm at Verifone,
Jonathan Swartz will be speaking on the Poet web framework.


Mason has been used to build many web sites, but being a templating
system first and foremost it has always fallen short of its web
development potential. And web frameworks like Catalyst and Dancer,
with their generic treatment of view layers, use only a subset of
Mason's features.

Now, Poet is a web framework designed especially to be used with
Mason. It provides a common-sense directory hierarchy, configuration
system, PSGI integration, caching, logging, and a host of other
web-related features that perfectly complement Mason's powerful
dispatch and templating features.

Poet was designed and developed over the past six years at Hearst
Digital Media. Today it is used to generate all of Hearst's magazine
websites, including Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Good Housekeeping, as
well as their internal content management and subscription management

The author of Mason and Poet, Jonathan Swartz, will give a tour of
Poet, compare it with other Perl web frameworks, and give a live demo
of building a site from scratch.

For more information about what Poet is and why it was created, see


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