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Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Thu May 3 12:08:02 PDT 2012

FYI, for those of you running enterprise level web services.

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From: Fred Moyer <phred at apache.org>
Date: Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] mod_perl 2.0.6
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I'm pleased to announce the release of mod_perl 2.0.6, available at
the following apache.org URL, along with a CPAN mirror near you.

http://apache.org/dist/perl/mod_perl-2.0.6.tar.gz.asc (pgp sig)

md5: 76f4154cffb15972246f03080e9d133c

Thanks to the many contributors to this release! Please see the full
changelog below.

=> Changes for mod_perl 2.0.6:

Preserve 5.8 compatibility surrounding use of MUTABLE_CV [Adam Prime]

Move code after declarations to keep MSVC++ compiler happy. [Steve Hay]

Adopt modperl_pcw.c changes from httpd24 branch. [Torsten Foertsch]

Pool cleanup functions must not longjmp. Catch these exceptions and turn
them into warnings. [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix a race condition in our tipool management.
See http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/modperl/dev/104026
Patch submitted by: SalusaSecondus <salusa at nationstates.net>
Reviewed by: Torsten Foertsch

Ensure that MP_APXS is set when building on Win32 with MP_AP_PREFIX,
otherwise the bundled Reload and SizeLimit builds will fail to find a
properly configured Test environment.
[Steve Hay]

Fix a few REFCNT bugs.
Patch submitted by: Niko Tyni <ntyni at debian.org>
Reviewed by: Torsten Foertsch

Correct the initialization of the build config in ModPerl::MM. The global
variable was only being set once on loading the module, which was before
Apache2::BuildConfig.pm had been written, leading to cwd and MP_LIBNAME
being unset when writing the Reload and SizeLimit makefiles.
[Steve Hay]

Discover apr-2-config from Apache 2.4 onwards. [Gozer]

Apache 2.4 and onwards doesn't require linking the MPM module directly in
the httpd binary anymore. APXS lost the MPM_NAME query, so we can't assume
a given MPM anymore. Introduce a fake MPM 'dynamic' to represent this.
[Torsten Foertsch, Gozer]

Perl 5.14 brought a few changes in Perl_sv_dup() that made a threaded apache
segfault while cloning interpreters.
[Torsten Foertsch]

PerlIOApache_flush() and mpxs_Apache2__RequestRec_rflush() now no longer throw
exceptions when modperl_wbucket_flush() fails if the failure was just a reset
connection or an aborted connection. The failure is simply logged to the error
log instead. This should fix cases of httpd.exe crashing when users press the
Stop button in their web browsers.
[Steve Hay]

Fixed a few issues that came up with LWP 6.00:
- t/response/TestAPI/request_rec.pm assumes HTTP/1.0 but LWP 6 uses 1.1
- t/api/err_headers_out.t fails due to a bug somewhere in LWP 6
- t/filter/TestFilter/out_str_reverse.pm sends the wrong content-length header
[Torsten Foertsch]

Bugfix: Apache2::ServerUtil::get_server{description,banner,version} cannot
be declared as perl constants or they won't reflect added version components
if Apache2::ServerUtil is loaded before the PostConfig phase. Now, they
are ordinary perl functions. [Torsten Foertsch]

Check for the right ExtUtils::Embed version during build [Torsten Foertsch]

Take a lesson from rt.cpan.org #66085 and pass LD_LIBRARY_PATH if mod_env
is present.  Should prevent test failures on some platforms.
[Fred Moyer]

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