[sf-perl] Any::* vs Stable::* [follow up to Mouse/Moose]

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Wed Mar 7 16:22:04 PST 2012

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 3:36 PM, George Hartzell <hartzell at alerce.com> wrote:
> Fred Moyer writes:
>  > [...] Moose itself took almost 10 minutes to
>  > install on this platform.
> Just out of curiousity, what is the platform?

It is a quad core xeon 2.8 p4 running Centos 5.6.  It looks like there
is a higher than average context switching load going on (~2k) and at
least one read blocking process according to vmstat, so it might be a
virtual machine (I didn't see a xen kernel though).  It is running one
active Apache server serving multiple users already.  I'm not
completely sure of the details though, the sysadmins gave me a login
and the box is somewhere offsite.

> Someone back in the original thread made a backhanded smack at my "2
> minutes to install Moose on my SSD equiped 3 year old laptop"
> benchmark so I just tried it on my 4 year old spinning-rust Mac Pro.
> I had 2 installs that finished in 2:20 and 2:30 resp., and three that
> hung up for > 5 minutes fetching various distributions (the Internet
> must be maladjusted today...).
> g.

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