[sf-perl] Any::* vs Stable::* [follow up to Mouse/Moose]

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Wed Mar 7 14:40:09 PST 2012

Following up to the previous thread about Mouse vs Moose, and the
Any::* module discussion, I had some new thoughts.  There's a quick
and dirty Catalyst app I work with which was running on a box that got
transitioned to a new environment a few months ago, and that app got
moved but not turned on.  Today one of the users asked what happened
to the app, so I tried to start it up but it needed Catalyst to be
installed (the libraries weren't moved).

The app was using Catalyst 5.8, but when I used cpanm to install
Catalyst, it started installing Catalyst 5.9.  Which started
installing Moose and company, and in this case it started installing
Moose 2.  The dependencies are still installing (which is giving me
time to write this), and Moose itself took almost 10 minutes to
install on this platform.

In lieu of setting up a dependency management system such as pinto or
carton which would be overkill for this problem, I'm wondering if
creating a distribution called Stable::Catalyst would be a good
solution.  Or perhaps Last::Catalyst.  A namespace that installs the
previous major version of a module within the last six months to a
year, or some other heuristic to identify when major changes occur.

Anyway, 30 minutes into it cpanminus is still chugging away install
Catalyst 5.9.  Having had the chance here to look more in depth at
Carton it looks like that might be the right solution for this

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