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Hi, Matt,

Thanks for sharing the news. It's been a pleasure working with you. It was hard for me to let go when I got too busy and decided to step down as president, and I imagine it may be the same for you. I wish you the best of success in your endeavors.

Fred and Joe have been awesome in the context of SFPUG and elsewhere. I'm confident in their ability to keep producing a great PUG. We've had some really great talks lately.

While we're thanking people, I'll chip in what I can remember. ;)

We've had talks by many luminaries of the Perl world. I don't dare mention them because I *know* I will forget someone; like CPAN, SFPUG is made of a cast of thousands.

A lot of credit is due to past and present hosts like Smurph, Jeff Thalhammer, Ben Trott, and Matt himself, who managed our venues (I'm sure I'm forgetting others, and I apologize). These hosts hung around work late and variously took care of food, conference rooms, tables and chairs, video projectors… I did this for years at BGI, and it was a lot of work. Logistics is always more heavy lifting than people realize.

Julian Cash, Brian Hamlin, Joe, and Yary deserve extra credit for helping with our LugRadio booth. And of course Julian has taken some amazing light-painting photos of the Perl community over the years.

Enjoy your retirement, Matt! Great work so far, Fred and Joe! I'm looking forward to good events for years to come.

On Mar 2, 2012, at 12:13 PM, Matthew Lanier wrote:

> Hey Folks-
> When David Lowe and I started the SFPUG back in, what was it, 1998, we didn't have a clue that it would still be a going concern in 2012.  A lot has changed since then, but what hasn't it that this a smart, good hearted set of people who are passionate about perl and about the greater FOSS community.  We have persevered through mutliple "perl is dead" cycles, and are still here.
> What has changed is that I'm not spending time doing perl, and there's a chance that I won't be any time soon.  It's time for me to acknowledge that and make a high level change in organization structure.
> Since I handed this group off to Quinn back in 2002, I've maintained the role of Chairman if you will, ensuring that a qualified President was on board to keep things running.  While you haven't seen me at many meetings, I stay in contact with the current leader, ensure that meetings are happening, and keep a pulse for when it's time to give that leader a break.  It has been a fulfilling role to know that my baby, this group, continues to live on and fulfill a need in the perl community.
> It is now time for me to step away permanently so that I can focus on my growing family (3 kids) a challenging job (running operations at Ooyala) and my vocation (as a musician and liturgician).  To that end, as of now Fred Moyer is the supreme leader of the SFPUG, with Joe Brenner as his right hand man.  You know how to bother them, so keep it up :-)
> I'd like to thank the following folks:
> * to the folks who were at the first meeting or two, and are still here at
>  some level (david fetter, paul makepeace, rich and vicky brown,
>  joe brenner, smurf), you kick ass.
> * to the folks who have run this group, quinn weaver, fred moyer, and joe
>  brenner, you seriously kick ass.
> * to all the companies that have sponsored the spfug, including intershop, redhat, six apart, and countless other companies, thanks for your support.
> Ok folks, I'm out,  enjoy your sigils-
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