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Vicki Brown vlb at cfcl.com
Mon Aug 27 12:34:46 PDT 2012

Disclaimer: this is a self-promotional posting. I'm looking for work.

What's the status of the internal documentation at your company (eg, docs for engineers and project managers)? Is it up-to-date? Do you know where to find what you're looking for? _Can_ you find what you're looking for? Are your internal processes clearly documented?

Or do you need someone to help you tidy up, organize, archive, edit, and enhance? Extra points if your team uses a wiki!

I am an information technologist, web weaver, problem solver, and technical writer/editor (with emphasis on editing, formatting, and organization). I have a passion for enhancing productivity through improvements in communication. I love to work on projects that help make my fellow employees (usually engineers) more productive. 

As a former programmer myself (in awk, C, and Perl), I have years of experience talking to and working with engineers. My work with TWiki and other web sites has given me experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My wiki experience has also enhanced my skills in information architecture, particularly in designing navigable structures for complex documentation sets. 

I am currently looking for work, preferably contract positions, long- or short- term, fulltime or part-time. If you think your team might need someone like me, please take a look at my professional website, http://philtres.com. There you will find my resume, writing samples, and feedback from satisfied past customers. 

We now return you to your regular discussion topics.

Thanks for reading.

-- Vicki

Vicki Brown  

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