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Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Tue Apr 10 17:24:36 PDT 2012

On Apr 10, 2012, at 16:41, Fred Moyer wrote:
> The downside with this approach is that you are choosing a solution
> without evaluating the problem.
> Moose is a tool that is right for certain needs. ...

Although I'm delighted to see most Perlies accept Moose as the "normal"
way to do OO, not all scripts have enough complexity to justify OO (or
even functions, in some cases :-).

My take is that there are a number of tools for encapsulation.  They
have benefits and costs, so the trick is to balance the two and use
the appropriate tools for the project at hand.

So, don't create large programs without using the appropriate tools,
but don't require small programs to use unnecessary tools, either.


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