[sf-perl] Fw: Perl 5.14.2 is now available

Mark Kvale kvale at phy.ucsf.edu
Wed Sep 28 14:26:16 PDT 2011

Modern Perl by chromatic has come out recently and you can download the PDF:


I don't know if the book has a comparative overview of recent perl 
versions, but he has opinions modern best practices.


On 09/28/2011 02:03 PM, Rich Morin wrote:
> It has been a while since I did any real Perl programming
> and I'd like to brush up on the major changes.
> Are there any particular books (etc) which would give an
> overview of how Perl 5 (syntax, idioms, practices, etc.)
> have changed over the past several years?
> For example, would the latest version of the Camel provide
> a good overview?
> -r

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