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> Subject: [Perlweekly] The current Perl Weekly News - Issue #13
> Perl Weekly
> Issue #13 - October 24, 2011
> You can read the newsletter on the web, if you prefer.
> Hi,
> I'd like to embark on a new series of promotions for the Perl Weekly  
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> Now to the posts:
> Headlines
> Mojolicious 2.0 released: Perl real-time web framework
> Congratulation to Sebastian Riedel (sri) and the rest of the  
> Mojolicious team! A number of significant changes were listed in the  
> announcement. For example the minimum required version of perl was  
> moved up to 5.10.1 and Morbo was added. Morbo is the self-restarting  
> development web server that just works, even on Windows.
> Teaching a Modern Perl Class in NYC!
> John Napiorkowski is running an 8-week long Perl class introducing  
> Modern Perl to people new to Perl. This seems like a great  
> opportunity to send a friend of you to learn Perl on a very low cost  
> training class.
> Module testing basics
> Jacinta Richardson has just sent out the latest issue of the Perl  
> Tips. This is a great overview of why you need to write automated  
> tests. She is also describing the two major testing strategies:  
> White Box Testing and Black Box Testing. In addition, if you were  
> subscribed to their perl-tips newsletter, you'd get a discount on  
> their next training course.
> Articles
> Dreamwidth News
> After more than 2 months of absence, Denise, one of the two owners  
> of the site, has posted a longish update on what's going on at  
> Dreamwidth. In case you don't know, DreamWidth is an open source  
> fork of the LiveJournal system with a very open policy of publishing  
> content.
> Simple config for the perl debugger
> Chisel gives some very useful tips on how to configure the built-in  
> command line debugger of Perl.
> CPAN modules for parsing User-Agent strings
> Another excellent post by Neil Bowers comparing modules to parse the  
> User-Agent strings passed by browsers to web servers. It sounds like  
> a simple problem but due to the 'interesting' decisions made by the  
> browser authors it became an annoyance. Having so many different  
> solutions to this problem just adds to the confusion so I think it  
> is great Neil compared them and recommended one.
> Taming Pod::Weaver, part 2 - Plugins, Sections and Bundles
> Yanick Champoux continuous describing how to use Pod::Weaver.  
> Specifically he described plugins, sections and bundles
> ElasticSearch::Sequence - a blazing fast ticket server
> Clinton Gormley is considering ditching RDBM for his next  
> application and using ElasticSearch as the only data store. For this  
> he wanted to have a human friendly way to get unique sequence  
> numbers from ElasticSearch.
> Discussion
> Why do you want new major features in core?
> Some people complain that 5.12 and 5.14 have not added many new user  
> visible features to Perl. Leon Timmermans asks why do we want them.  
> I think the more interesting question would be 'What new features do  
> you want in core Perl?' and that's what some people answered. That's  
> what you should also consider and post as a comment.
> Code
> Splicing two sockets in Perl (request for help)
> Peter Makholm describes a sequence of operations he has implemented  
> several times already - something like a proxy - and how this was  
> getting frustrating to do so and how it was not working really well.  
> So he is proposing a new module to wrap splice(2) of Linux.
> Parrot
> Parrot 3.9.0 'Archaeopteryx' Released
> Posted by Jonathan 'Duke' Leto
> Perl 6
> An optimizer lands, bringing native operators
> Jonathan Worthington describes his work that will be included in the  
> October release of Rakudo. This brings the performance of Rakudo, in  
> some very specific cases, to be - let me be careful here - not too  
> far from that of Perl 5.
> Event reports
> yapc asia: awesome
> Lovely report by Ricardo Signes (rjbs)
> Listing of all (?) the blogs posts about YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2011
> Daisuke Maki (lestrrat) points out that they collected more than 150  
> blog posts about YAPC::Asia. Most of them are in Japanese of course  
> but there are a number of entries in English for the rest of us. I  
> think this is awesome to have so much publicity and to provide some  
> sort of recognition to the bloggers themselves.
> German Perl Workshop
> This is the report of the 3rd day of the German Perl Workshop by  
> Wolfgang Kinkeldei. Links to the previous reports can be found in  
> the comments.
> Events
> Twin City Perl Workshop
> November 4-5, 2011, Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia
> London Perl Workshop (LPW2011)
> November 12, 2011, London, UK
> The Perl Oasis
> January 13-15, 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA
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