[sf-perl] Fun and cool Perl examples

Matthew Lanier matt at lanier.org
Tue Oct 25 07:40:18 PDT 2011

First, major props to you for what you are doing.

second, I'm using the notion of 'mad libs' to start teaching programming 
to my kids.  they learn how to set up a text template, collect some data, 
interpolate some variables into the template, then giggle when the results 
come out in funny ways.


  On Tue, 25 Oct 2011, Bill Moseley wrote:

> I'm currently visiting an orphanage and associated school in India.  Some of the older (15-18 years) kids are leaning some basic MySQL and Java in school.   The school has a pretty good computer lab with a dozen or so machines
> running XP and Windows 7, and there's a small group that are trying to learn Linux and have installed Ubuntu on USB thumb drives.
> They are interested in learning a little about Perl, so I'm planning on providing a basic introduction.  That will be pretty easy, but what would help me is some ideas for some fun demonstrations.  They don't have to be that
> practical but something that will pique their interest in a few lines of code.  Or maybe even something a bit more involved but related to what their current interestes, for example, working with the Facebook API.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> --
> Bill Moseley
> moseley at hank.org

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