[sf-perl] "Lee" is looking for a new position

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Fri Oct 21 12:06:54 PDT 2011

A friend ("Lee") is considering a bit of a career change.
I'm hoping some folks on this list might have some useful
suggestions, know of possible opportunities, etc.

Lee is currently employed, so I won't be getting specific
in this note.  Feel free, however, to contact me off-list
if you need more details and/or want to contact Lee.


Lee has a variety of useful skills, acquired from decades
of experience in the computer and biotech industries:

  * Information architecture and content management

  * Mac and Unix system administration and use

  * Scripting (mostly Perl, but also Awk, Make, Ruby,
    Shell, TWiki, etc.)  Scripting is Lee's home turf.

  * Technical writing and editing (eg, copy editing,
    formatting, organizing, word-smithing)

  * Web languages (eg, CSS, HTML, JavaScript)

A lot of what Lee brings to the party lies in the area of
information gathering and analysis.  Here is a typical
comment from a former "customer":

  Lee is the kind of person who "hears" what it is you are
  saying, and then gives you what you want, which may not
  be exactly what you asked for -- but much better!"

Lee isn't exactly sure what an ideal position would look
like, but says "I'll know it when I see it".  However, Lee
offers the following general information:

  * Lee's interests include scientific programming, data
    filters, knowledge management, and social media.

  * Lee enjoys code review, code cleanup, and bug hunting.

  * Lee's passion is helping others to be more productive.

  * Lee enjoys sharing knowledge, whether in the form of
    course development and training, answering questions,
    or creating documentation.

  * Lee prefers developing internal tools to externally-
    visible applications, creating internal documentation
    to external publications, etc.

  * Lee strongly prefers to work closely with users:

    I don't like development projects where the users are
    "somewhere out there".  I want a direct connection to
    the people I work for.  I want to  solve real problems
    for real people with real needs, not something thought
    up by a marketing department.  I want to be able to
    communicate directly with my customers.

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