[sf-perl] Request for comments - Perl rpm builds

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Mon May 16 17:51:39 PDT 2011

I got an itch to build Perl rpms in an attempt to whittle down the
issue discussed in a previous thread of deploying Perl applications in
RPM package environments without using the system installed perl

Please forgive the name of this github repo, but I had a really
difficult time coming up with a good name for this, since rpm won't
let you have two packages installed with the same name (meaning I
couldn't call it 'perl').  So I came up with Fast RPM Enterprise
Deployment Perl - fredperl.  Got an idea for a better name?  Send it
to me!


This repo is really nothing more than the Centos 5.6 Perl spec file
carved up with a few different options, such as no threading, a few
compilation optimizations, and a unique install path.  And a unique
name, fredperl_5_14_0 in the case of the 5.14.0 build, so that you can
install different versions side by side in /opt/.

The benchmarks of each build are here, 5.12.3, 5.14.0, and the Centos
5.8.8.  I used PerlBench to compare each of the binaries - 5.14.0 is
looking pretty good.


This is just a very rough proof of concept, but if you are running
Centos or Fedora, you should be able to clone this github repo,
install the source rpms, and build your own binaries to try out your
application with.  Comments and feedback are very welcome, both on and
off this list.  I've got a few ideas for additional features, such as
being able to take a Makefile.PL with the proper dependencies and
generate all the rpms needed for the modules in that Makefile.PL.

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