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Philip J. Hollenback philiph at pobox.com
Wed Mar 30 15:31:14 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone,

My group at Yahoo (Yahoo Mail) has an opening for a senior tools
developer. This is a very perl-heavy position; we're definitely looking
for someone with very strong knowledge and experience.

If you're looking for large-scale perl work, this is the place for
you. I love working in this group and recommend it highly.  You get
to develop cool tools that are used by hundreds of people on
thousands of servers.

Note that we do need someone with some database experience.  A good
chunk of this work involves maintaining and improving our stats
collection tools which run on a database backend.  Other than that,
expect a lot of manipulating XML , JSON, and YAML. You will be expected
to deal with some simple perl-based web tools but in general this
position will focus on a lot of back end development work and command
line tools.

The position is in Sunnyvale.  Everyone works at home on occasion, but
in general you are expected to be in the office at least 4 days a week.
I take Caltrain myself from SF which works fine.  Yahoo also has several
shuttle buses that cover most of San Francisco so getting to the office
is relatively painless.  The buses do have wifi.

Contact me directly at philiph at pobox.com if you have any questions.
We're interviewing right now.

Here's the official description:

Yahoo! is hiring a self-motivated Senior Tools Developer to join the
Yahoo! Mail Service Engineering team to help design and build the
infrastructure that shapes and drives our products.  Our challenges are
often unique due to the scale of our systems. Because of this, you
should be prepared to quickly pick up new skills and be confident in
your ability to solve complex problems.

Job Description:

·         Ongoing support of existing production tool systems and

·         Triage and resolve immediate production impacting issues;

·         Identify, recommend, and code changes to existing tools;

·         Identify and recommend new tools that will automate/streamline
existing tools and processes;

·         Analyze, scope, and document new tool requirements;

·         Code and test new tools in accordance with Y! standards;

·         Launch new tools and provide ongoing monitoring and support;

·         Communication and coordination with Development, QA, and

Minimum Job Qualifications:

7-10 years experience in software development;

·         Excellent programming skills; a fundamental understanding of
what makes clear, maintainable and extensible code;

·         The ability to develop from the ground up as well as the
ability to understand and work with an existing codebase is important;

·         Ability to work across teams, to shepherd something from code
to product;

·         Detail oriented;

·         Strong Perl background (perl DBI, Object Oriented Perl);

·         Strong working knowledge and experience in UNIX/LINUX

·         Database skills desired;

·         Excellent organizational skills, ability to independently
prioritize day-to-day tasks;

·         Excellent documentation skills;

·         Familiarity with Sprint Planning;
Philip J. Hollenback
philiph at pobox.com

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