[sf-perl] Fwd: Reminder: Mason 2: Templating for the web and beyond is tomorrow.

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Mon Mar 21 13:13:59 PDT 2011

Just a reminder, Mason 2 is tomorrow evening at Citizen Space.


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Meetup Reminder
San Francisco Perl Mongers
Mason 2: Templating for the web and beyond
is happening tomorrow
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 7:00 PM
Citizen Space - 425 2nd St Ste 300 San Francisco CA
Who is going:
23 Perl Mongers

The SF Perl Mongers next meeting will be on Tuesday March 22nd, at
7pm. Jonathan Swartz will be introducing Mason 2.0.

Mason is a Perl-based templating framework for generating web pages
and other dynamic content. Over the past decade it has been used to
generate thousands of web sites large and small, including Amazon.com,
Target.com, Salon.com and del.icio.us.

Version 2.0 of Mason was released last month, twelve years after its
initial incarnation. It has been rearchitected and reimplemented from
the ground up, to take advantage of modern Perl techniques (Moose,
Plack/PSGI) and to add long-desired features and syntax.

Jonathan Swartz, the original author of both Mason 1 and 2, will
present Mason 2's new architecture and improvements and show how it
fits into the modern Perl web development universe.

For a summary of what's new, see


and for documentation and download, see


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