[sf-perl] Dumb Q's about CPAN submission

Greg Lindahl greg at blekko.com
Fri Mar 4 11:51:58 PST 2011

I'm trying to submit my first CPAN modules and I have some dumb
questions that I haven't found answers for.

1) I think the process should be:

* submit a test version (how do I indicate that? $VERSION = '1.00_1' ?)
* cpan smokers send me emails showing breakage
* fix bugs, rinse repeat, when done, use $VERSION = '1.00' to release


2) I have dependencies with YAML and Test::More -- the one other
system I tried had an older version of Test::More which doesn't
grok 'done_testing()'.

How do I figure out which versions to ask for? Or should I just avoid
done_testing() in cpan modules, so as to tolerate older versions?

Thanks! Pointers to the right FM are as welcome as direct answers...

-- greg

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