[sf-perl] Introduction to MongoDB presentation

Joshua Berkus josh at agliodbs.com
Thu Jun 30 09:36:46 PDT 2011


I was sick earlier this week so I didn't get to attend and ask some questions I wanted to ask.  When you get a chance, can you post answers to a few of these?

1. Are there plans to have BSON support decimal values?  Last I checked (~~ 6mo), it didn't.

2. With a redundant sharded database, what happens if the cluster goes down without enough acks for an existing write?  That is, one replica has ack'ed the write but not others?  I guess I'm looking in general for what happens when the cluster goes down and comes back up with writes in flight ... this is a classic set of issues for clustered databases in general.

3. How do you back up a clustered Mongo database?

4. Have you considered a change of name for the database?  ;-)

--Josh Berkus

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