[sf-perl] Writing a perl program for windows.

Adam Morgan Adam.Morgan at safeway.com
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I hope I am not missing something here, but wouldn't that be something
that the scanner hardware should come with? If I bought a scanner for my
computer I would expect software and drivers, that achieve exactly what
you describe, to be supplied with the scanner.

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I have been asked to write a program that makes it very easy for our
contractors in the field to scan and email us documents from the
field. Something that the user can download and install with a few
clicks and that  assumes no more user proficiency than being able to
plug the scanner into the computer and follow prompts. Since 99% of
our contractors use windows I have to write it for windows. I am an
intermediate perl programmer at best but and willing to roll up my
sleeves and do whatever it takes. I was wondering however, if anyone
had any advice on where to start?



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