[sf-perl] [meeting] Need a few volunteers next Tuesday

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Wed Feb 16 18:59:57 PST 2011

We need some volunteers for the meeting next Tuesday.  We have a
record number of RSVPs for this talk, and several folks from the Ruby
and PostgreSQL Meetup groups have RSVPd to this event.

We've had a couple requests to webcast this event, so if anyone wants
to volunteer to setup a LiveStream cast, check out this url and let me
know if you want to take it on -

Also, we'll need a few people for event hosts (show up 15 minutes
early, help organize, crowd control, setup chairs, handout nametags
(boooo, but we need them this time) ).  Volunteer and get a Perl
t-shirt in your size.  To volunteer, $self->mail( to => m/Joe Brenner
| Me | List / ), or show up 15 minutes early and help out.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.


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