[sf-perl] Presentation Suggestions

Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Dec 21 12:26:41 PST 2011

Jeffrey Thalhammer <jeff at imaginative-software.com> wrote:

> `tree -CA some/directory` makes a pretty decent color-coded ASCII-art representation of a directory.  I think I'll try using this for the presentation.

tree seems pretty good (there's an ubuntu package for it, by the way),
 though it's too bad you need to manually craft strategies to ignore
uninteresting files:

   tree -I '*~|*,v|#*|RCS'

"ack -f " or "ack -af" does things like that by default, though
doesn't (yet) have a way of pretty-printing directory tree output.

Myself, I'm inclined to take "find" output and massage it into an
ascii art diagram using emacs picture-mode.
And ascii art can be embedded in html using perpetually underused
<PRE></PRE> tags.

(There's no difficulty with doing screen captures, right?  Unix/X
Windows style is to just use the oddly named "import" command, e.g.
"import this_window.png" plus a click on the window.)

(And now I'm thinking about what the right way would be to convert a
directory listing to a graphviz diagram...
Hint: GraphViz.pm or even GraphViz2.pm probably aren't the right way to do it.)

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