[sf-perl] [meeting] December social

Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Fri Dec 9 15:03:55 PST 2011

Fred Moyer <fred at redhotpenguin.com> wrote:
> The 4th Tuesday of this month is December 20th. Some people will be
> out of town that week, but who is interested in a December social on
> the 20th at 7pm?
> Joe, does CellSpace or NoiseBridge have facilities we could use?  If
> anyone here with a space would be willing to host, that would be
> great.  There's also Quetzal where we got a decent amount of people
> last time.

NoiseBridge does their weekly meetings on Tuesday nights, and while
the anarchist consensus "decision"-making process is always
fascinating to watch, it could be a little crowded for a perl event.

We could probably use the upstairs classroom at Cellspace, though down
in the mainspace D. Miles (aka "The Godfather of Skate") will be
holding his Roller Skating Class,  so everyone would need to make sure
that their Disco inoculations are up-to-date.

I'd say Quetzal or Chinese food,

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