[sf-perl] [announce] Pinto-0.026

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Fri Dec 9 08:29:03 PST 2011

Jeffrey Thalhammer writes:
 > Hi everyone-
 > [...]
 > So I invite you to kick the tires on Pinto and give me your feedback.
 > [...]
 > Thanks for your time.  Let me know what you think.

Jeff has done *great* work.

I'm using the penultimate release Pinto at work and am quite happy.
I'm looking forward to the current one.

Our PAN lives in a subversion repository.  We have a cron job that
updates and tags it with fresh CPAN content several times a day.  We
override broken CPAN modules with our own fixed copies and
(eventually) back them out when the CPAN copy gets repaired
(e.g. WWW::Mechanize, Alien::SVN, various BioPerl tarballs, etc...).
We package our own code using Dist::Zilla (and a local PluginBundle,
which gives us a very short dist.ini...) and insert it into the PAN.

We have a pair of tasks that install all of our "standard"
distributions (one that pulls in various missing/mis-specified
dependencies we've identified and one that pulls in what we actually
want).  These tasks are conveniently built using Dist::Zilla and
...::TaskWeaver, then deposited into the PAN.

At regular intervals we tag the PAN and then install our standard set
of modules with something like

  cpanm -L.../5.14.2/2011-12-06 \
    --mirror http://foo/the_pan/tags/2011-12-06 --mirror-only \
    Task::Our::Perl::Modules::MissingPrereqs Task::Our::Perl::Modules

  cpanm -L.../5.12.4/2011-12-06 \
    --mirror http://foo/the_pan/tags/2011-12-06 --mirror-only \
    Task::Our::Perl::Modules::MissingPrereqs Task::Our::Perl::Modules

Getting a set of content that works is quite simple, something or
other on CPAN always refuses to build or otherwise gives one a
headache.  But once we have it wrangled and tagged it's easy to
recreate the environment.

Pinto's a great contribution to the Perl/CPAN ecosystem.


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