[sf-perl] [poll] App::Perlbrew

Sam Kimbrel kimbrel at me.com
Wed Aug 31 11:14:43 PDT 2011

I use it extensively. At home I use it because OS X's Perl is out of date, and at work I use it to isolate my application from OS dependencies. The work project uses a Git submodule containing a full build of Perl and all of the CPAN dependencies for the application; there's a make target to build a new Perl using Perlbrew in this submodule. Shipped builds contain this entire subtree along with the actual application. Archived and compressed it comes out to no more than 10 MB. Works pretty well.

On Aug 31, 2011, at 10:59 AM, Fred Moyer wrote:

> This is a quick poll to see who uses App::Perlbrew and how they use it.
> I have 5.10, 5.12, and 5.14 installed on my machine via Perlbrew and
> use it for development.  I tried using it in production with Centos,
> but found in that particular case the shell modification needed didn't
> play too well with the sysv init script framework.
> Also, I have it installed on a shared development server so I can
> install modules as needed without having to file support tickets with
> IT and wait a few days (weeks?) for Perl modules to be installed.
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