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Our next meeting will be next Tuesday, November 23rd at 7pm at
LookSmart.  Sorry for the late notice, but given that most RSVPs
happen in the couple days before the meeting, we are on par for the


Structured Wikis at Work - Enterprise 2.0 in Action

Peter Thoeny will be speaking on Wikis at our next meeting on November
23rd at LookSmart.

A enterprise wiki enables teams to organize and share content and
knowledge in an organic and free manner, and to schedule, manage and
document their daily activities. A wiki can also be used as an
intranet where employees contribute content collaboratively, replacing
a webmaster maintained intranet.

This talk explains how wikis can be used at the workplace, including
initial rollout, social aspects and security concerns. It also
explains how teams can use TWiki, a leading open source enterprise
collaboration platform, to build tailored wiki applications supporting
their workflow and business processes. Learn how a structured wiki can
bring Enterprise 2.0 into the workplace.


* Enterprise Collaboration
* Demo of Structured Wiki
* What is TWiki?
* Structured wikis
* Collaboration challenges at the workplace
* Wiki champion
* Initial deployment of a wiki
* Overcoming barriers to adoption


Peter Thoeny is the founder of the TWiki Enterprise Collaboration
platform and is leading the open-source project for 12 years. He is
the CTO of Twiki Inc, a company providing enterprise agility platform
solutions. He invented the concept of structured wikis - where free
form wiki content can be structured with tailored wiki applications.
Peter is the recognized thought-leader in wikis and social software,
featured in numerous articles and technology conferences including
LinuxWorld, Business Week, Wall Street Journal and more. He graduated
from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, lived in
Japan for 8 years, and deployed several large scale wikis around the
globe. He co-authored the Wikis for Dummies book.

Presentation slides (will be updated)


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