[sf-perl] [job] Contract programmer in Bioinformatics at Genentech.

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Fri May 7 09:42:25 PDT 2010

Genentech's Bioinformatics department seeks an experienced software
engineer for a six month contract.  Modern Perl (or enlightened, or
..., just not circa 1998) style is required.

We build tools to support our Research labs, collecting, storing,
massaging, and presenting information to computer-philes and -phobes.
We have more to do than we can handle, you'll be pitching in.  Exactly
what you'd be doing will be a function of your skills and our needs,
and will probably vary a bit over the six month period.

You write tests, sometimes even before you write code.  You're not
afraid of a little SQL and are comfortable collaborating with folks
who were born speaking it.  You're familiar with things like Moose,
Rose::DB::Object, CGI::Application, NYTProf, and their ilk (or
brethren) and more importantly are excited about learning more about
them and using them in real-world work.  Smoothing out our in-house
DPAN, setting up an automated build/smoke system (we have Hudson
handling Java builds already) and helping with some other
infrastructure stuff is also on the table.

You'll be working more-or-less full time in South San Fransisco,
there's the potential for a bit of telecommuting once things get
running smoothly but the bulk of the job is onsite.

Things that you should be comfortable with include:

Perl ("modern")
SQL, object relational mappers
Web application (CGI::Application, or similar)
CPAN, Module::Build, Dist::Zilla, etc....
Software engineering in a professional environment.
Experience in bioinformatics, biology, or supporting scientists would
be helpful but is not required. 

Please send cover letters and resumes to my work address:
georgewh at gene.com (the ability to follow directions is important).

Bonus points for easy formats (PDF is great!), demerits for sending me
stuff in DOS specific archive formats.


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