[sf-perl] Perlcritic startup.

Kevin Frost biztos at mac.com
Wed May 5 17:57:21 PDT 2010

I use it but just out of the box according to the following principles:

Level 3 violations get either changed or a comment as to why not.

Level 2's and 3's are investigated if they aren't among the few "don't agree with Damian" policies.

(That's when I'm working with a modern Perl and a modern code base, which isn't always.  But I perlcritic old legacy stuff too, mostly for informational purposes.)

I find that once you get in the habit, it makes your code a lot cleaner and it catches a lot of stupid mistakes you'd surely catch later anyway, thus saving you time.

I have - for a friggin' long time - been meaning to come up with some policies of my own, some for my employer and some for my own outside code.  Thus I'm also eager to hear others' experiences.  I strongly suspect the Best Thing is to treat any violation as a test failure and remove any policies you don't believe that strongly in.

I seem to recall someone having a "codenazi" pre-commit hook...

...and I definitely recall someone suggesting a good way to protect Kwalitee in legacy code is to remember the legacy policy violations for each class and have a policy stating you can't have any *new* violations.

(Both somebodies are probably on the list, not sure if they want to be named.)

-- f.

On Wednesday, May 05, 2010, at 05:34PM, "George Hartzell" <hartzell at alerce.com> wrote:
>I'd like to start playing with Perl-Critic.  It seems to be extremely
>flexible (even by Perl TMTOWTDI standards).
>As I wade in and start exploring options I've realized that it might
>be really useful to hear how other folks use it (policies, severities,
>where/when you use it (svn hooks, etc...)).
>Anyone want to share?
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