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Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Wed Jun 16 07:15:57 PDT 2010

At 2:59 PM -0700 6/15/10, Bob goolsby wrote:
> I'd be interested, if we can avoid the Overloaded Tuesday Syndrome.

Some time ago, I did an informal analysis of this.  Basically, I made
up an abstract monthly calendar of the form:

  1  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
  2  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
  3  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
  4  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
  5  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun

and recorded which day (eg, 3rd Tuesday) was used by which event.  As
I expected, Tue/Wed/Thu were waaay overbooked and the rest of the days
were largely free.

Fri and Sat are cool for parties, but prolly not so good for formal
meetings.  I avoid the first week in the month, because folks seem to
need time to "sync up" to the current month's schedule.  Scheduling
things for the fourth or fifth week can also be a problem.

Monday evenings and Sunday afternoons seem to work well for informal
events such as hack sessions.  The Ruby Hack and Chat Session in July
is happening on the second Monday.  I'd suggest the third or fourth
Monday for Perl.

At 7:36 PM -0700 6/15/10, Joe Brenner wrote:
> But yeah, perl-hack-offs or hack-athons or workshops or whatever
> sound like fun to me at least.
> Do the Ruby folks structure their gatherings at all?  I might
> suggest a proposed topic, or even a group project...

All of the local hack sessions I've attended are free-format, in the
sense that folks simply bring their own projects or work with others
on an informal basis.  The Seattle Ruby Brigade is quite different,
in that they have collectively developed some substantial tools.

Given that there are already a few Ruby "hack sessions" scheduled in
the area, I wanted to do something a bit different.  In particular,
I wanted to explicitly make room for socializing and not require that
the attendees be interested in serious development or presentations.

That said, I have considered opening up part of the evening for some
sort of Lightning Talks, etc.  For example, folks might want to say
a few words about their current projects, tools they find interesting,
etc.  Still feeling my way on this...

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