[sf-perl] Perl search engine

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Jul 21 16:12:24 PDT 2010

Paul Makepeace <Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com> wrote:
> Joe Brenner <doom at kzsu.stanford.edu> wrote:
> > yary <not.com at gmail.com> wrote:

> >> For what it's worth, my understanding is that Google uses Perl in its
> >> release management,
> >
> > And in a number of other corners, I would expect. They don't entirely
> > let anti-perl snobbery dictate which companies they buy, for example.
> There are Perl questions on their SRE (ops/"root at google.com" role)
> interviews, and they're not easy either.

Does Kaplan have a review book out for that yet?

> Perl is used on the command line pretty extensively. Gmail's anti-spam
> has SpamAssassin as part of its chain.

Yes, Postino was specifically the acquisition I had in mind.

> Not to get into a language war but there are some really excellent
> reasons not to use perl for large organizations like that. Python, all
> things considered, is a pretty good choice, IMO.

Well, not an obviously dumb one, at any rate.

Coding standards, with perltidy and perlcritic in the tool chain can do
a lot to cover the problem with coordinating armies of programmers.

If you're referring to, say, the lack of standardization in general
in the perl universe, you probably have a point (it's great to be able
to pull all sorts of things off of CPAN, it's not so great that you
can't know without looking how, say, objects were implemented, or how
error handling was done, and so on...).

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