[sf-perl] writing a hylafax client in perl

Richard Reina gatorreina at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 08:40:51 PST 2010

I am in need of a program that allows users on our all linux LAN to view,
save, print and delete incoming faxes. People on the Hylafax list have
recommended a java client called YaJHFC. I did take a look at it looks nice,
but does not really suit my needs --besides it's written in java :). What I
need is something that helps users on the LAN associate faxes with various
database records so they can be archived correctly.  Accordingly, I am off
to write my own GUI with perl->evince->mysql.  I've got a lot of it done.
However, I am looking for some input on one area of complication, accessing
the received files on the Hylafax server. Essentially they need to be viewed
associated with a record and saved on a local file server. To view them and
save I assume I need to bring (copy) the file to the local machine where it
can be viewed and the user can match it to a database record so that it can
be renamed and archived.  The complicated part seems that I need to (I
guess) scp, ncftpget or rsync the files from the hylafax server.  I guess
what I would like to ask is: Does anyone know how other hylafax cleint deal
with this?  Are the files somehow viewed directly on the hylafax server
through local machines via ssh? (something I have not yet been able to
figure out how to do) Or are the files bounced around to be viewed and then

Thanks for any help.

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