[sf-perl] CentOS 5 victims needed

Greg Lindahl greg at blekko.com
Mon Feb 22 18:06:30 PST 2010

Speaking of updating perl: we want to update to perl 5.10, but install
everything the CentOS/Red Hat way, that is, in rpms.

The benefit is keeping your sysadmin happy, with all of his rpm-based
consistency and install tools. The minus is potential bugs with the
gazillion packages that have perl code or use embedded perl.

Our initial testing says that the OS doesn't really care what version
of perl is installed; if you upgrade all the 5.8.8 rpms to 5.10,
everything continues to work.

We aren't quite to the place where we can give you a pointer to a repo
and say "Have at it!", but I'd like to find out if anyone on this list
might be interested in testing. Our goal is to maintain these rpms
actively until we switch to CentOS 6.

-- greg

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