[sf-perl] What version of perl and what OS do you use? [poll]

Michael Friedman friedman at highwire.stanford.edu
Wed Feb 3 13:55:35 PST 2010

> Any reason you don't compile your own binary?

I haven't needed to. The one that came with OS X has been just fine. 

I see the every-couple-of-years "upgrade" of OS X as an excuse to look through what CPAN modules I actually use and reinstall them all from scratch again. It's a nice house cleaning, except for that damn Sybase stuff...

>> Why do you ask?
> This is a Perl list, we talk about Perl :)


More generally, except for some spiffy syntax features that I haven't learned about yet, most everything runs on most versions of perl after 5.8, right? So how much does the version really matter? I've seen version problems with various CPAN modules, but not yet with perl itself.

-- Mike
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