[sf-perl] Perl contractors for Apple

Matisse Enzer matisse at matisse.net
Wed Dec 29 11:24:10 PST 2010

Hi folks, I'm looking for a couple of Perl experts for a multi-month project in my group at Apple.

If interested and available then please contact me at menzer-at-apple.com.

Please do not re-post this without my permission.

General Description

My group is looking for 2 senior level Perl engineers starting ASAP
in 2011.

The project requires extensive (but not 100%) on-site work in
Cupertino, California.  If an individual is not able to get qualified
as a vendor or work through an existing vendor then they can be brought
on as an employee of the staffing company we use.

Length of engagements will start at 6-9 months, with the possibility
of being extended to a total of 12 months.

The work is to assist in the creation of a new Content Management
and Publishing system which must take over from a legacy system
with no interuption in service.  The legacy systems are primarily
written in Perl.

More Details

The contractors will:

* Wrap the legacy systems in automated tests to reduce the risk of
  making changes.
* Modify existing systems to enable encapsulation or
  replacement by a new system currently under development by staff.
* Take on most of the day-to-day work on the existing systems, to free
  up staff to work on the new systems.

Must-Have qualities:

* Excellent plays-well-with-others skills. No lone-wolf coders.
* Expert in Object Oriented Perl and Perl technologies such as CPAN,
  various testing modules, etc.
* Proven ability to add automated tests to and safely make changes in
  legacy code.
* Experience with and enthusiasm for agile development.
* Be highly organized, able to analyze competing priorities, and
  help stakeholders make good decisions to resolve priority conflicts.
* Extensive experience on two or more *nix systems (Mac OS X, Linux,
  Solaris, etc.)
* References

Nice-to-Have skills and experience:
* Active participation in one or more Open Source projects with multiple
* Mac OS X
* JavaScript skills, especially Sproutcore
* Cocoa/Objective-C
* git
* buildbot
* RESTful web services
* Ruby/Ruby on Rails
* Familiar with and in general agreement with "Perl Best Practices"
  by Damian Conway.

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