[sf-perl] [job] Making our DPAN a reality

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Tue Dec 14 09:43:31 PST 2010

I'm looking for someone take a contract position and drive that
*final* stake through the heart of our internal DPAN (our mirror of
CPAN + our internal modules).

We've been through two turns of the crank, each of which moved us
further from the world of chaotic updates pulling from CPAN-du-jour
and closer to our goal of a version controlled mirror of CPAN and our
internal CPAN-style Perl packages nicely integrated with Dist::Zilla

A grand candidate for this project will be familiar with how the CPAN
archives are put together, can explain how local::lib does its job, is
comfortable digging into Dist::Zilla and writing new plugins, and
knows how to make subversion sit up and take notice (even though git
might be cooler).  +1 if you're an active enough member of the
community to have a PAUSE account, +5 if you know how to use it.  Can
you explain why modern Perl might or might not lead to enlightenment?
What's the difference?  That kind of thing.

You'll be working on site in South San Francisco, CA.  Pretty much
anything related to this should end up back on CPAN (though we reserve
the right to keep our dirty laundry to ourselves).

Interested?  Send me a brief email pitching your case and attach a
CV.  +2 if it's a pdf, -5 if it's a .doc file.


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