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Peter Thoeny peter at thoeny.org
Thu Dec 2 23:49:10 PST 2010

Hi Adam,

Yes, there are many wikis out there. Start at wikimatrix.org.

I can recommend TWiki wholeheartedly (totally unbiased! ;-)). Here is  

1. Create wiki pages that represent chapters of manuals, can be  
specific to departments.

2. Define variables (macros) and use them in text. For example, if the  
product name is not set yet, define a BREADSLICER variable in the  
preferences and use it anywhere as %BREADSLICER%. You can change  
BREADSLICER at any time to reflect the actual product name.

3. Create manual pages that include many chapter pages. Add a TOC to  
it to get an automated table of content. Example:

---+!! Bread Slicer Manual

4. Install the FootNotePlugin if you need footnotes.

5. Install the GenPDFAddOn that gives you a [ GDF ] button on every  
page. Use it to print the manuals. H1 headings start a new page.

BTW, we authored the Wikis for Dummies book using TWiki. We added a  
few more twists, such as automated outlines, an extraction app to  
correlate bits and pieces of interviews with specific chapters.

Hope this helps.


On Dec 2, 2010, at 10:28 PM, Adam Masri wrote:

> Hello all,
> Since I know we just had a talk on wikis...
> At our printing business, I'm looking at using a wiki as a company- 
> wide editable manual. Some dirty production areas of the business  
> don't make sense to have computers around. So my goal is that I can  
> easily print sections of the Wiki as a manual for specific  
> departments.
> Are any wikis particularly good for printing manuals, perhaps even  
> with automated table of contents? Any pointers would be appreciated.  
> There are a lot of them out there.
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