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This looks interesting, Pittsburgh.pm is a strong PM group.

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The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is a low-cost technical conference held
at the Carnegie Mellon University's Oakland Campus. The workshop will
be held on October 9–10 2010.
We are happy to have Larry Wall Keynotote PPW 2010 in the new The
Gates and Hillman Centers.

* Talk Proposals
* Classes
* Hack-a-thons
* Sponsors

* Talk Proposals
We do not have deadline for talk proposals yet but please send them
sooner than later or you may miss your chance to speak.
The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2010 is the perfect opportunity to share
your ideas, code, and projects with masses of code-loving Perl
hackers. Shouldn't you have a speaking slot at this year's event?
Shouldn't you experience the full, PPW-powered glory that only
speakers can know?
Of course you should!
Haven't you ...
done interesting stuff for Perl?
written cool code?
seen the future of Perl?
got a story to tell?
got a trick to share?
In fact, if you have anything to say that would interest Perl people,
we want to hear you say it!
Just go to http://pghpw.org and submit a talk proposal. It's that easy.
But don't delay. Get your proposal in soon -- or else you might miss out.

* Classes
This year we are offering great classes.  We will have more details on
the website soon.
Dan Klein is back teaching From Zero to Perl.
Dave Rolsky teaching Into to Moose.

* Hack-a-thons
The details for hack-a-thons are still developing.  If you want help
organizing a hack-a-thon please let us know.

* Sponsors
If you are interested in sponsoring PPW 2010 please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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