[sf-perl] Naan and Curry, re-warmed

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Aug 25 13:44:33 PDT 2010

Paul Makepeace <Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com> wrote:
> Joe Brenner <doom at kzsu.stanford.edu> wrote:
> > o graphing dependencies of all of cpan
> http://deps.cpantesters.org/

Yes, that's a good one.  It's oriented toward telling you about the
dependency tree of particular modules.  It helps you figure out whether
a "sudo cpan -i" will install without error, and gives you some hints
about how the author went about solving the problem.

This isn't particularly what I'm interested in, though.  What I'd like
to see is a single, printed graph displaying the dependencies of all of
CPAN.  The goal here isn't necessarily to learn something practical, my
main goal is to come up with a huge, snazzy looking printed graph as a
stunt, to have something to show at technical conferences.

I like GraphViz, but it grinds to a halt on data-sets of any size
(e.g. 100 nodes), and none of the it's standard layout formats can
deal with a heavily-connected graph.

Maybe the solution would be Cytoscape plus some perl-glue, with data
from the cpants dependency db (an sqllite file):


Or maybe there's another solution out there:


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