[sf-perl] the next generation cpan (research and discussion)

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Aug 25 12:13:43 PDT 2010

On the subject of "improvements to cpan", I think the research
could start with this page:


And this mailing list archive:


This site was getting positive comments at the last meeting:


And over at CPANTS they have all of the CPAN metadata up as an
easily downloaded SQLite file (which, as I remember it, has an
odd schema that appears to be completely undocumented):


I think ideas like this were under discussion at the last meeting:


  "gitPAN is a project to import the entire history of
  CPAN (known as BackPAN) into a set of git repositories,
  one per distribution."

I mentioned "Kwalitee", and I see that there's an "optional" Kwalitee
test "is_prereq", that looks to see if at least one other CPAN author
is using your work:


Myself, I suggest keeping an eye on David Golden:


Note the links in "My Best Stuff" over on the right side.

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