[sf-perl] Naan and Curry, re-warmed

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Aug 25 12:07:40 PDT 2010

Many a subject was discussed at Naan and Curry tonight which I
will not even attempt to summarize.  Here's just a few I wanted
to say something about:

(1) A suggestion for the next meeting is a "hackathon" (maybe
a mini-hackathon?). The proposed format for this is still under
discussion:  Should we select a general theme of what to work
on, or leave it open, TBD by the people at the meeting?  Maybe
we should do it birds-of-a-feather style, with a different
focus in each corner of the room?  Anyone have any suggestions
on format or topic?

Some of the topic ideas floated at the meeting:

  o  automated clone of a perl set-up (modules installed from cpan, etc)
  o  finding large scale "best practice" code examples
     (e.g. several modules, not just several lines)
  o  graphing dependencies of all of cpan
  o  improvements to cpan (research and discussion)
  o  the ultimate perl linux distro / cloud vm image
  o  integrating perl data structures into memcache
  o  emacs tweaks for perl development
     (this one was *not* my suggestion, this time).

(2) Someone was surprised to hear about the perl5 wiki:


There's also a perl6 wiki:


(3) Some of us mentioned that using git seemed complicated
and error prone (which is not to say that it is not powerful
and useful).

Once again, someone suggested we might have a talk on git.
I agree completely, if anyone wants to volunteer to do it:
sf.pm hosts talks on subjects that are perl-related, not
necessarily perl-specific.

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